Service Charter and Code of Ethics:

The mall

The mall is committed both to surfers and suppliers, apart from mediation and operation of the site to work tirelessly to create a working environment in which surfers and suppliers benefit and satisfied
Vendor will not receive exclusivity

The mall will work to include suppliers and manufacturers who supply first hand merchandise only.
The mall will publish feedback received.

The mall is not responsible for the obligations of the supplier and customers and any dispute between them, God forbid.
The mall will implement an application on the site through which the product can be purchased through PAYPAL, which enables payment by credit card.

The buyer

The surfer on the site ordering products accepts the terms of the service agreement
Customers will be asked to provide feedback so that the mall will learn lessons and will not hold suppliers
The criticism of which is negative
If you find a cheaper price for the product at the time, please report it to us and we will work with the supplier to lower the price
All products will be priced at SALE


Vendors are given hiring a place in the mall for specific products to be advertised without
Rent payment
Provided that advertisers only advertise first-hand products.

All content, including content, information about items is the property of the supplier, and it is his responsibility not to infringe copyright

For each sale a customer referral fee will be sent to the mall
A supplier may terminate his contract within 48 hours from the timing of the completion of the transactions referred by the mall
The supplier will not pay a commission to the mall for transactions canceled by law and will have to prove to the mall that the transaction was canceled

It is emphasized that a supplier undertakes to accept the return of items within the period prescribed by law in each country.

The images sent to the mall for uploading on the site must be of high quality on a professional background or professionally photographed.

Every product have to be whith video clip 360 degree.

Items listed on the site must be in stock and available for sale and at least 5 of the same item
Suppliers must respond to customer requests directed by the mall within 48 hours
The supplier must verify that the purchaser has received the item or items he ordered and is satisfied with the service and the quality of the item
In the event that the surfer is not satisfied with the purchase or the quality of the item, it is necessary to clarify the reason and act as much as possible to his satisfaction and provide him with a pleasant purchasing experience and service
The product can be delivered by courier or courier, or by transport, or from the supplier’s warehouse – the cost of transportation or delivery is not included in the price of the product.

A vendor who fails to provide at the time of publication of the product will have to repay the customer’s payment at his request.
Beyond the insurance of credit card companies will be the vendor must insure consumer protection insurance.

The mutual interest of the supplier and the mall that the customers will return to buy and preserve, and to make them satisfied with feedback posted at the mall.
For each item you should specify at least: price, description, image dimensions and more
Make sure the content is eloquent and there are no spelling mistakes in the description of the items or the content of the vendor
This is the contract that regulates the above, and the % comission to the mall will be entered once to the vendor page for all his products.

In conclusion
The service awareness and the supply of quality products at reasonable prices and maximum responsibility are the ones that will determine the success of the triangle
Good luck to all of us participating in a business venture that supports profit and principles of social justice.